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The Common Grant Applications and Common Grant Report allow Colorado grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices. At the same time, the CGAs and CGR save grantseekers time and effort by enabling them to use a single form for many different applications and reports.

This website provides the three Common Grant Forms as well as the accompanying Userís Guides for the Common Grant Application and the Common Grant Report. The Userís Guides add clarity to the application and grant reporting process and provide answers for many of the questions that arise during grant preparation and reporting.

Please be aware that grantmakers may accept one of these forms, but not necessarily all three. Click on Who Accepts These Forms? to learn which grantmakers accept which form(s).

NOTE: Each of the grantmakers that accepts the CGA has different funding priorities and areas of interest. Prior to submitting a proposal it is your responsibility to determine whether your organization meets a grantmakerís guidelines and funding priorities. Always check each grantmakerís website for the most current information on their grant application and reporting requirements, and contact them if you have questions.